Brokerage Corp LLC is a domain brokerage company founded with the goal of brokering digital assets that result in satisfaction for the buyer, seller and broker. 

We have brokered and sold hundreds of domain names over the years. 

Founder, Andrew Rice is a go-getter who spends most of his waking hours behind a keyboard lost in some domain related venture.

Our Competitive Advantage


We are connected the repeat domain buyers and entrepreneurs.  We will seek to find the best buyer for your domain name.

Honesty and Confidentiality

We strive to be trustworthy and have found this to be a profitable business practice!  If you are looking to make a stealth acquisition, we will keep your identity anonymous.


We have knowledge gained through years of experience.

Our mission

We help entrepreneurs buy and sell domain names.

Our experience

Seller Broker 91%
Buyer Broker 84%
Consulting 73%