The tech industry is highly dynamic.  Opportunity and risk are ever present.  Basic business strategy still applies but the tech industry, however, is business on steroids.

Opportunities abound but you must be nimble.  In the domain sector, keyword trends often move with advancing industries.  Over the last few years, crypto, virtual reality and extended reality, hologram as well as marijuana related domain name sales have taken off.  These domain sales reflect growing industries.

You can invest in these risky sectors directly or you can buy domain names related to these industries instead.  This will grant you investment exposure to a volatile industry and leave you with limited risk. 

The best method is also the most expensive method: Buying short single word domain names related to the industry you want exposure to.  As the industry grows, the value of industry related domain names will grow as well.  The risk, of course, is the money spent to buy these quality domain names.  However, through this method a domain owner can be diversified in multiple industries.  






Author: Andrew Rice
Andrew Rice is a domain name broker from southern Colorado.

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