Inside the Six-Figure sale of is obviously the best domain name for the drone industry. The name is short and easy to spell. Naturally, I thought the name would be fun to broker…

Getting the Name Under Brokerage

It was late 2018, I was brokering quite a few names mostly in the five-figure range. I reached out to the owner of as a sales broker. He was an awesome and friendly guy whose last name happened to be Drone. Brokering high value domain names requires some legwork. It was only after many emails and phone calls with the owner that I was able to get the name under brokerage.

Searching for a Buyer

Searching for a buyer for the name was even more complicated. I gathered a list of virtually every drone company that could buy the name. The list started out pretty big, but I was able to filter out many of the companies. Some of our potential buyers were extremely large corporations. Many of them were based oversees and there would be a language barrier. It would be hard to reach many of our potential buyers.

When doing outbound marketing, emailing the right person at a company is very important. For one large company I found it virtually impossible to reach a C level executive. Finally, I was able to reach the CEO by contacting someone in middle management. Even so, it turned out that the company was not interested in buying the domain name.

Finding a Buyer

After many more days of outbound marketing we still hadn’t received an acceptable offer. Most potential buyers were friendly, but I remember one marketing executive who was very discouraging; after making a lower offer, he said we would never sell the name. Nonetheless, we kept on marketing and we started reaching out to domain investors as well. Finally, I emailed Brent Oxley, the legendary founder of After some negotiation Brent agreed to purchase the name for a strong six-figure offer!


The seller was elated and complimented me on my brokerage skills! The buyer was also very happy to acquire such a great asset. Once in a while, a broker has an awesome day where everyone is made happy: buyer, seller, broker. Such was the case with the sale of

Author: Andrew Rice
Andrew Rice is a domain name broker from southern Colorado.

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