More than a Web Address

Last week, I brokered a deal and was reminded how a domain name can be more than just a web address.

The owner was the original registrant of the domain name and was retiring. He had already lived a full and interesting life: He started a science based company in the late seventies. He worked for NASA developing measuring devices and started a company to sell these devices. In the early 90s he bought a domain name for this business and it added instant credibility to the venture. He used the name as his businesses web address and it added an air of professionalism to see that custom URL in his email.

The domain was more than just a web address. It was the business’s online identity or “domain” if you will. The name was like a good friend. It was with him when the business was humming and now that he is getting older, the sale of the name provided him with some added retirement income.

Author: Andrew Rice
Andrew Rice is a domain name broker from southern Colorado.

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