The Spirit of the Venture

Just about a few weeks back, I was brokering a domain name. As is often the case, the buyer and seller were just a few thousand dollars apart.  Neither side wanted to budge.

Then, I received a message from the seller. He said that his father was the original registrant of the domain name. The old man had used the name for two decades and had always dreamed of someday selling the name for a large sum. The years went by and no big offer ever came in.  The old man passed on. Now, the son and his five brothers and sisters wanted to sell the name but felt obligated to fulfill the spirit of the venture.  For those reasons, they couldn’t take a lower price. It wasn’t about greed or money, but they had to fulfill the old man’s wish.  Fortunately, after the seller heard this story, he agreed to purchase the domain name.

When we talk about valuable domain names we often forget the human element.  We forget the entrepreneurial sweat and blood that went into these assets.   Time and money go into keeping these names registered for decade after decade.  In the case of this name, I hope we fulfilled the spirit of the venture.

Author: Andrew Rice
Andrew Rice is a domain name broker from southern Colorado.

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