The Value of Sport in Business

Sports can teach business character.

The other day, I was rollerblading in an inner city skate park. A young skater kid showed up. He looked like he was under 18 and should be in school. Based on this as well as his attire, he was probably not the kind of kid I would hire. You might assume he had no work ethic. You would be wrong.

He was not in school, but was working on skateboarding. Practicing tricks, struggling along and after quite a while, he would complete a trick and you could see the sense of accomplishment on his face. The kid had a tireless work ethic when it came to skateboarding. He was a beast.

Someone had left a mess of fast food bags and Styrofoam cups in one area of the park. I saw the young skater kid clean up this mess.

Sport can make a seemingly unmotivated kid work hard, teach him the value of practice and reward him accordingly. It was a great example of how sport can instill character and merit into a young kid.

Author: Andrew Rice
Andrew Rice is a domain name broker from southern Colorado.

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