What Makes a Good Two Word Domain Name?

Two word domain names are some of the most common URLs in use today. What makes a good two word domain name?  Here are some questions to consider:

  1. Are the two words a common phrase? A common two word phrase can be as meaningful as a single dictionary word. Some examples of common two word phrases include “web design”, “foreign policy” or “true love”.
  2. Is the name short? Even though the brand is two words, it should still be 12 letters long or less.
  3. Do the two words represent my business or industry?
  4. Are there already keyword searches for the two word phrase?
  5. Is the name related to a local industry that your are targeting? A good example is the domain I own DublinFlorist.com.  This is the perfect domain name for a florist in Dublin.

In short, a two word phrase can be a good domain name and a good brand if it is meaningful, short and representative of the product/service you are targeting.

Author: Andrew Rice
Andrew Rice is a domain name broker from southern Colorado.

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